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The Principal of the college is in charge and holds the administrative responsibility. The Governing Body of the institution oversees pertinent issues and makes recommendations. Instructions and directions from the Higher Education, Gauhati University, AHSEC are followed and executed for smooth conduct of the administration. Members of the staff help in execution and functioning of the mechanism.

The Office of the Principal, North Guwahati College is well equipped with modern facilities for providing quality services through skilled personnels and supporting staff to the clienteles varying from teachers to students and even outsiders who steps in for official purpose. Computerisation of accounts related works and other official works have been well in progress. Broadband Internet Connectivity, Xerox facility, Copier etc are available for smooth functioning of official work.

Proper maintenance of official records for providing speedy and hassle free service, maintenance of conducive work environment and good maintenance personnel relationships with the clienteles are the main objectives of the members of the office.

Faculty Members

  • Mr. Avijit Boruah, M. A. (Assistant Professor)

  • Dr. Tarini Kanta Haloi, M. A., Ph. D (Associate Professor)

  • Mrs. Sikha Rani Kakati, M. A. (Assistant Professor)

  • Mr. Dennis Rabha, M. A. (Assistant Professor)

  • Mrs. Anamika Borah, M. A. (Assistant Professor)

  • Dr. Sashadhar Kalita, M. Sc., Ph. D. (Associate Professor)

  • Mr. Amarendra Kumar Sarma, M. Sc. (Associate Professor)

  • Miss. Dipti Rani Saikia, M. Sc. (Assistant Professor)

  • Dr. Jili Bardoloi, M. Sc., Ph. D. (Associate Professor)

  • Dr. Madan Chandra Das, M. Sc., Ph. D. (Associate Professor)

  • Dr. Tapan Chandra Deka, M. Sc., Ph. D.(Associate Professor)

  • Mr. Pradip Kumar Kalita, M. Sc. (Associate Professor)

  • Mr. Anupam Thakuria, M. A. (Associate Professor)

  • Dr. Taijuddin Ahmed, M. A., M. Phil, Ph. D., B. Ed. (Assistant Professor)

  • Mr. Sanjay Pathari, M. A. (Assistant Professor)

  • Dr. Ashima Majumdar, M. Sc., Ph. D.(Assistant Professor)

  • Dr. Rununi Devi, M. A., Ph. D. (Assistant Professor)

  • Dr. Shikha S. Kashyap, M. A., Ph. D. (Associate Professor)

  • Dr. Maloshi Choudhury, M. A., Ph. D., B. Ed. (Assistant Professor)

  • Mrs. Jewelina Choudhury M. A. B. Ed (Assistant Professor)

  • Mr. Parashu Ram Barman, M. A., M. Phil. (Associate Professor)

  • Mr. Prabhat Sarma, M. A., M. Phil. (Associate Professor)

  • Mr. Bulen Kakati, M. Sc. (Associate Professor)

  • Dr. Sujata Deuri, M. A., Ph. D.(Assistant Professor)

  • Mr. Ajit Chandra Deka, M. A. (Associate Professor)

  • Mrs. Sangeeta Bezbaruah, M. A., M. Phil., B. Ed. (Assistant Professor)

  • Dr. Kukil Kumar Baruah, M. Sc., Ph. D. (Associate Professor)

  • Mr. Ganesh Das, M. Sc., M. Phil. (Associate Professor)

  • Dr. Achyutananda Baruah, M. Sc.,B.Ed. Ph. D.(Assistant Professor)

  • Mr. Tapan Kumar Satma, M. Sc. (Associate Professor)

  • Mr. Hupesh Choudhury, M. Sc., (Associate Professor)

  • Mrs. Manisha Bhattacharyya, M. A. (Associate Professor

  • Mrs. Pratima Baruah, M. A. (Associate Professor)

  • Dr. Banima Talukdar, M. A.,B.Ed. Ph. D. (Associate Professor)

  • Dr. Sumanjit Kakati, M. Sc., Ph. D. (Associate Professor)

  • Mrs. Ellora Baruah, M. Sc. (Associate Professor)

  • Mr. Jitendra Kumar Choudhury, M. Sc. (Associate Professor)

  • Mr. Prabhat Chandra Sarma, M. Sc. (Associate Professor)

  • Ms. Nilakshi Borah, M. A in Education (Associate Professor)

  • Mr. Anup Hazarika, M. Sc. In Anthropology (Assistant Professor)

  • Ms. Devastuti Sharma, M. A. M. Phil. in English (Associate Professor)

Office Staff

  • Deben Chandra Kakati, Ratneswar Das, Niranjan Sarma, Sukamani Deka

Laboratory & Office Bearer Staff

  • Upend Chandra Das, Ruban Boro, Arabinda Das, Bichitra Das, Dharma Ram Deka, Durgeswar Saikia, Humal Das, Basanta Kakati, Nazrul Islam, Rupankar Das, Jagat Nath, Mandira Boro, Bijanta Das

On contractual basis

  • Siddharth Sarkar, Jeet Borah, Momi Sharma, Bhadreswar Deka, Niranjan Saikia, Parbati Harijan, Munna Basfor


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