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North Gauhati College Co-operative Society : -

The “Noth Gauhati College Co-operative Society” was formed in a meeting held in November 1975. The meeting was convened by Shri Uttam Deka, the then HOD Geography Dept. and a seven member committee was formed as under-



3.Asst. Secretary.


5.Three Members.

Aims and Objectives:-

The aim and objective of the cooperative Society was to supply the stationary items including pen, pencil etc. at a very low price to the student and staff of the college. It is open to all.

Present Position:-

The North Gauhati College Co operative Society was revived with effect from 23.12.2003, with a ten members committee, vide, North Gauhati College Letter No. NGC- 13/2013 dtd. 23.12.2003. The ten Member committee was formed as under-

1.Chairman/ Present.


3.Asst. Secretary.

4.Seven Members.

The Co operative Society functions in a room attached to the Auditorium of the college. At present all the teaching and non teaching staffs of the college are the members of the society. We have collected a fund from the each member of the college with Rs. 15/-(fifteen only) as membership fees. Moreover every member should be a shareholder of the Co operative society. The value of each share is Rs 100/- (one hundred). A member can be a holder of any member of shares he wants.

Presently all the college items are in the Co operative Society at very low price. The members of the co operative society have helped in distributing the college uniform without any financial help in this year. The Co- operative remains open from 10 P.M. to 2 P.M. in all working days.

Future Plan:

It is aimed to cater to the needs of the student community in a better way by providing them with more items in a subsidized rate.


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