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The Pre-University course in Biology was introduced in the year 1979. Sri Niranjan Agarwala and Dr.Nolin Chandra Borah were the pioneer teachers. In the year 1985, the department was turned in to a full fledged Department. The Department involves the students in many academic promotional activities like seminars, field studies, educational tours, innovative activities etc. The Department held many programmes in association with Primary Health Centre, North Guwahati. Among them Health Camp, AIDS awareness camp, Extension lectures on Prevention of diseases and impact of sewage, Pulse polio immunisation, Environment Conservation etc. are important. The Department is very lucky to have the Institutional Biotech Hub provided by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The Hub with its sophisticated and modern research laboratory offers suitable facilities for research to the students, teachers from other departments and researchers. The Department is well equipped with sophisticated laboratories. Biolit, the wall magazine of the Department strives to capture the emerging concerns in the field of Zoology

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Notice :Issue of HS 2nd year 2019 Admit Card Click Here
  09 May, 2019

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Notice :Issue of HS 2nd year 2019 Admit Card Click Here
  09 May, 2019

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