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Political Science

The Department of Political Science was established in 1962, the every year of the foundation of the college. The Department organises special lectures, popular talks, educational tours and department level seminars for the students of the department. Labonya Goswami Welfare Fund offers assistance to the economically poor students having minimum 50% marks in the subject. Political Science Association a forum carries out extension work such as Community Awareness Programme, “Extenders” in nearby schools and co-curricular activities like extempore speech and elocution competitions, picnics for students in winter etc. Bibhabati Chaudhury Award is offered to the H.S. final year student for securing the highest marks (minimum 85%) in Political Science among the students of the college. Three prizes are awarded to the best participants of the Extempore Speech Competition organized by the Department biennially. The Alumni Association of the Department carries out Legal Awareness Campaign among the rural women folk in collaboration with the Political Science Association. The departmental Journal The Endeavour and the wall magazine Srijoni is published with the contributions made by the faculty and the students of the Department.

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Notice :Issue of HS 2nd year 2019 Admit Card Click Here
  09 May, 2019

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Notice :Issue of HS 2nd year 2019 Admit Card Click Here
  09 May, 2019

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