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The English department of the College was born with the college itself in 1962. Apart from teaching in the Higher Secondary and Degree classes, the department started offering Major courses since 1996. Seminars, workshops, movie shows and reviews, educational trips, talks etc. are held regularly for the benefit of the students. As outreach programmes, the department also offers help in academic matters to the neighbouring vernacular medium schools. With the importance of English, especially Communicative English growing day by day, emphasis has been laid on equipping the students with the required skill to communicate in English. The library and a UGC granted Language Laboratory of the department caters well to the needs of the students. The students and teachers of the department contribute regularly in the departmental wall magazine Arora, where vibrant discussions and analysis of recent development and trends in the field of literature, criticism, language and art is held.

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Notice :Issue of HS 2nd year 2019 Admit Card Click Here
  09 May, 2019

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Notice :Issue of HS 2nd year 2019 Admit Card Click Here
  09 May, 2019

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